The Wooden Potter

The Wooden Potter

This my website and a culmination of several attempts in  busy life style to get it off the ground, bear with me.   One of the challenges I face often is the fact my shed or ‘studio’  is way to small. That’s the down side, the up side is I’m getting very good at organises the space. From a sort of ‘dunno its here somewhere’ to where I can actually find stuff.


From this to slowly getting organised shelving and chip control to the racking. Bench with built in tool rack on three sides. All this organising and reorganising takes a lot of time and effort which takes me away from what I love to do. But the reality is I need more space, a heck of alot more space.



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The bench is a little too big for the space even with wheels so I will be trimming off the front and side and moving the drill stand up front away form the turning area.Along with the making of various types and sizes of hooks so as to hang a lot my gear from the roofing mesh. This I hope will free up some valuable shelf space.

I have just up graded much of my lighting to LED and this proving to be very successful, you cant have too much lighting.